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Nancy Stark Smith

[Translate to English:] Nancy Stark Smith first trained as an athlete and gymnast, leading her to study and perform dance in the early 1970s, greatly influenced by the Judson Dance Theater breakthroughs. She danced in the first performances of Contact Improvisation with Steve Paxton and others in 1972 in NYC and has since been central to its development as dancer, teacher, performer, writer/publisher, and organizer. She travels worldwide teaching and performing with many favorite partners and performance makers including Ray Chung, Karen Nelson, Andrew Harwood, Julyen Hamilton, and musician Mike Vargas. In 1975, she cofounded Contact Quarterly dance journal, which she continues to coedit and publish. Her first book, Caught Falling, was released in 2008.

Nancy Stark Smith leitet zusammen mit Nora Zuniga Shaw den Workshop Embodied Research: The Trace is not the End und hält einen Vortrag



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